About Pico-Box

We not only provide power supply and mini-ITX computer products to DIYer, but also provide ODM/OEM service to individuals and companies.

Who We Are

Pico-Box Technology Limited is a power supply technology company established in 2017, with offices in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, China.

We have a passionate team of engineers, focused on developing cutting-edge power supplies and pico size computing solutions. We have created the popular Z2-ATX and X3-ATX series of DC-DC ATX power supplies. By leveraging high-efficient switching circuit, we provide small, silent, smart and cost-effective power supplies. We are committed to offering solutions that are small robust and power-efficient.

What We Do

The advent of Artificial Intelligence has spurred the development of power supply products that require small size, silent and smart control. As a high-technology company, Pico-Box Technology provides thousands of users with a variety of power supplies and Mini-ITX solutions. 

At the same time, by investing in-house production line, we aim to provide ODM/OEM service to individuals and companies, helping our customers to make their products quickly to market.

The Power of Computing

Pico-Box designs and manufactures small, silent and smart power supplies for mini-ITX computing.

Vison and Mission

Pico-Box is committed to bringing pico size computing to its customers, commercial and non-commercial alike, by leveraging its technology and solutions, so that customers from all walks of life can use our products to solve some of the most pressing problems of our times.

Green Computing

Pico-Box is dedicated to the research and development of green technology. We create pico size computing solutions that help reduce energy consumption and material waste. With our low-power and highly efficient circuit technologies, we minimize the use of such extra components as resistors, capacitors, inductors, MOSFETs and power management chips, as well as the waste of printed circuit boards.




Pico-Box is known for its keen sense of corporate social responsibility, having long supported green / low-power technologies and having based its entire business model on green computing area and the democratization of technology. At present, we are deeply concerned about climate change, which has been the result of human actions in recent decades.