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We deliver power supplies to enable: small size, silent without moving parts, and smart control for pico size computing.

The Power of Computing

The further development of computer technology in recent years bears several significant features. In addition to major increases in performance in the background, at first glance it was above all apparent in the increasing miniaturization. Desktop computers, once the size of small cupboards, have become shoebox-sized PCs and all-in-ones hiding behind their screens, or a mini computer the size of a lunch box to take away.

Small size power supply is the key to build a mini computer. But existing power supply products cannot accurately and reliably provide both small size and high power output.

Pico-Box can provide the key missing element – small, silent and smart power supplies.


The dental clinic uses the dental scanner on a daily basis. The incredible 3D scanner machine changed our life. It includes three scanning devices in one and serves us as a door opener to every modern dental office in our region. The lab of dental office is now able to design and produce a wide variety of prosthetic products of excellent quality. We can produce everything from a single coping to a complex implant solution.

New algorithms are being employed for meshing the scan clouds, which allow massive parallel data processing on a graphics card (GPU) instead of the main processor. The Pico-Box's small size, fanless and smart power supply is the ideal choice to build the desktop 3D scanner which requires silent operation and powerful computing.


Over the past few years, the term “Small Form Factor” (SFF) has become popular with everything from smart phones to PCs. Small Form Factor is defined as a technology that is smaller than other similar designs in its field. With computers, the desire for a smaller size and leave a smaller footprint is expanding. Let us look at some of the advantages of SFF PCs and see why.

1. Space – The most noticeable advantage is obvious. Its smaller, which gives you options on where you store it. Free up the legroom under your desk or reclaim some of your surface space by using a SFF PC. They can easily be mounted and stored behind your monitor.
2. Smaller Footprint – Most SFF PCs use fewer fans and lower power hardware and so operates more efficiently. This means less power consumption and a smaller environmental footprint which is good for the environment and your bottom line.
3. Lighter Weight – Small Form Factor PCs are lighter than the standard PC. That makes them easier to move around the office, easier to clean and even easier to travel with.
4. As good as any other computer - Most SFF PCs have the same capabilities as a full-sized PC. They can support features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and multiple monitors.   

While they are not the solution for everyone, Small Form Factor PCs can provide a meaningful change in your business’s layout and footprint. With over 10 years of experience in design and implementation of the latest trends in power supply for mini size computing, we here at Pico-Box have designed multiple small, silent and smart power supplies for Small Form Factor PCs to provide solutions for our customers. Let us design yours!


We make power supplies smaller and smarter using high-efficient switching circuit and microcontroller, enabling compact computing, silent computing and smart computing for consumer electronics.

With the evolving technology and shrinking size of the digital hardware parts, even gaming PCs have been quite compact. Since, when you look through the market you will find small form factor components for all computer parts. This has allowed us to create a small form factor gaming PC on our own. Pico-Box's power supplies are the small yet powerful small form factor power supply parts for you to build the compact size game PC.