12V Input 120 Watts Output Plugin DC-ATX PSU

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The Z2-ATX-120 is a small yet powerful and fully compliant ATX power supply designed to power a wide variety of motherboards from a single 12V regulated power source. It uses 20pin but not 24pin ATX connector, reduced the board size to 45mm x 21mm, and can be directly plugged into industrial motherboard with 20pin ATX connector.

Ultra Compact Size

We achieved the extreme board width and height, making the Z2-ATX-120 take up as little space as possible in your mini size chassis.

Industrial Grade Component

Considering the Z2-ATX-120 is widely used in industrial PC (PC), we used the industrial grade microcontroller with operating temperature range of - 40 ℃ to 105 ℃ , and high noise immunity of 7 kV ESD and 4 kV EFT.

Electrical Characteristics

Input Voltage 12VDC
Input Over-Voltage Protection 13~13.2V

Mechanical Characteristics

Dimension 45mm (L) x 21mm (W), board size


Operation Temperature 0~40℃
Operation Relative Humidity to 85%, on-condensing
Data Sheet for Z2-ATX-120
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3D drawings step file for Z2-ATX-120
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Can Z2-ATX-120 be used in motherboard with 24pin ATX connector?

Although Z2-ATX-120 adopts 20pin ATX connector, it can be plugged into the 24pin ATX connector on motherboard. You are suggested to carefully plug the 20pin connector of PSU into the 24pin ATX connector on motherboard as the connector has fool-proof design.

  1. One power supply with input cable soldered.
  2. One set of cable harness with 5pin header on the power supply side.