Our history


Historical milestones and a variety of achievements characterize our company’s journey: from a electronics workshop selling one product to the company selling products to all over the world we are today. Throughout the developement, we have seen many product launches, a steady flow of innovations, and continuous expansions of product lines. During this time, the Pico-Box family and tens of employees have contributed to our success.

2021 May
We have moved to a new office!

We are excited to announce that our team has moved to a new location in Silverstart Intelligent Com…

2020 November
Pico-Box products show in China High Tech Fair 2020

Pico-Box unveiled the plugin DC-DC ATX power supply and mini-ITX computer in China High Tech Fair 2…

2016 March
A north American company uses X3-ATX in its dental 3D scanner product

The mass production X3-ATX-310 has been adopted by a north American company to manufacture dental 3…

2015 February
Z2-ATX-160 plugin

Directly plug into motherboard connector, eliminating the 24pin connector with cable of the traditi…

2014 April
Mass production of X3-ATX-310

X3-ATX-310 power supply unit comes to the mass production stage.

2014 January
New power supply unit X5-ATX for car PC comes!

Here comes 8~24V input power supply unit X5-ATX-180 with ignition control.