Build Your Powerful Future with Pico-Box

Pico-Box is committed to technological innovation for the benefit of everyone. Pico-Box is made of talented, visionary and creative members. Be one of us and realize your dreams at Pico-Box!

We Have Offices in Greater China

Pico-Box has headquarters in Shenzhen and office in Hong Kong. The headquarters locates at the science park with high quality space and facilities. You can work with specialists from the area of electronic engineering.

Continuous Professional Development

Pico-Box offers its employees a comprehensive CPD program. Technical supervisors communicate with employees on a regular basis, keeping employees in the know with the latest-and-greatest tools and techniques, increasing the worth to employees while keeping morale high.

Abundant Learning Resources

Pico-Box headquarts is close to the UESTC. You can not only share the numerous books and papers on the various fields of Information Technology, but also join the academic forums and workshops in the campus.

Transparent Employee Promotion System

Pico-Box's employee promotion system is based on a clearly-structured performance evaluation scheme, in which self-assessment and peer-reviewing play a key role. We make sure that all employees acquire a thorough understanding of this procedure from day one, so that they feel encouraged to make concrete career plans and fulfill their aspirations in as methodical a way as possible.

Comprehensive Benefits Package

Pico-Box offers health insurance, annual health check-ups, maternity and paternity leaves, and a reward scheme that is proportionate to each employee’s productivity.

Flexible Working Hours

Working hours at Pico-Box are flexible, and we offer business traveling opportunities and a personalized annual leave plan.

Team Building Activities

We organize a diverse range of team building activities aimed both at boosting our teams’ collective productivity and at strengthening human relationships within our teams.

Other Benefits

You may qualified to join other benefits programs, including paid leave and financial saving plan. You can inquire our staff in your region.

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for people with a unique blend of creativity, dedication and technological acumen. Join us so we can build a pico size computing world together!

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