12V Input 200 Watts Output Plugin DC-ATX PSU

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The Z2-ATX-200 is a small yet powerful and fully compliant ATX power supply designed to power a wide variety of motherboards from a single 12V regulated power source. Z2-ATX-200 has two paralleled high performance MOSFETs to implement the load switch for the 12V output rail, capable of handing large currents with peack currents up to 15A. Using the high performance solid tantalum capacitor and without moving parts, the Z2-ATX-200 is the deal choice to build a solid and powerful mini-ITX compute…

Compact Size

With a guaranteed high power output, we achieved the extreme board width and height, making the Z2-ATX-200 use as little cable harness as possible, and take up as little space as possible in your mini size chassis.

Solid Design without Moving Parts

Two solid tantalum capacitors are used for +5V and +3.3V buck circuits. No moving parts on the power supply. The Z2-ATX-200 is a solid and fanless design power supply for mini-ITX computer.

MCU Intelligent Control

With the ATX timing circuit design utilizing a patented microcontroller based intelligent control algorithm, the Z2-ATX-200 not only works with the mainstream brand motherboards, but also be compatible with the whitebox motherboard in the market.

Cable Harness

Besides the input cable with 12V DC input 5.5x2.5mm connector soldered to the PSU, we provide the cable harness with 5pin connector on the PSU side provides one CPU 12V 4+4 connector, one PATA power and two SATA power connectors.

Electrical Characteristics

Input Voltage 12V
Input Over-Voltage Protection 13~13.2V

Mechanical Characteristics

Dimension 56mm (L) x 26.5mm (W), board size


Operation Temperature 0~40℃
Operation Relative Humidity to 85%, on-condensing
Data sheet for Z2-ATX-200
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3D drawings step file for Z2-ATX-200
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CE EMC Certificate for Z Series DC-ATX PSU
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CE RoHS Certificate for Z Series DC-ATX PSU
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What is the difference between Z2-ATX-160 and Z2-ATX-200

Both Z2-ATX-160 and Z2-ATX-200 use single 12V DC input. Z2-ATX-160 uses electrolytic capacitors for cost-performance tradeoff, has smaller board size (56mm x 21mm), and can deliever maximum 160 Watts power output. While Z2-ATX-200 uses solid tantalum capacitors for longer life, has bigger board size (56mm x 26.6mm), and can deliver maximum 200 Watts power output.

  1. One power supply with input cable soldered.
  2. One set of cable harness with 5pin header on the power supply side.

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