Silverstone Milo 10 Mini-ITX chassis works with X1-ATX-200

Building a compact Mini-ITX computer with Silverstone Milo 10 chassis and Pico-Box X1-ATX-200 DC-DC ATX power supply.

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Company News
A north American company uses X3-ATX in its dental 3D scanner p…

March 19, 2016

The mass production X3-ATX-310 has been adopted by a north American company to manufacture dental 3D sanner.

Product Notice
Z2-ATX-160 plugin

February 22, 2015

Directly plug into motherboard connector, eliminating the 24pin connector with cable of the traditional ATX power supply.

Product Notice
Mass production of X3-ATX-310

April 12, 2014

X3-ATX-310 power supply unit comes to the mass production stage.

Product Notice
New power supply unit X5-ATX for car PC comes!

January 06, 2014

Here comes 8~24V input power supply unit X5-ATX-180 with ignition control.

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