16V to 28V Input 500 Watts Output Long Strip DC-DC ATX Power Supply

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With the same mounting holes as that of the traditional ATX PSU, and supporting two separate input rails to deliever maximum 500 Watts power, the X7-ATX-500 is the ideal choice to build a VR Ready mini-ITX computer.


Compact Design

Single board compact design to save space greatly compared to the traditonal ATX PSU.


No Moving Parts

Solid electronic components, without moving parts and fanless design to realize zero noise ATX power supply.


Microcontroller Inside

We use microcontroller to control the ATX timing, monitoring the voltages and currents.

Fully Modular Cable Design

Output Cable Harness

X7-ATX-500 adopts fully modular cable design. Besides the two voltage input cables, we provide the cable harness set having one M/B 24pin connector, one PATA power and three SATA power, one 12V 4P+4P connector, and two 6P+2P PCIE power connectors.

Two Separate DC Inputs

Connector Diagram

There are two separate DC input connectors (CN1 and CN2) on board. The voltages in P1, P2 and P4 are generated from CN1, while the 12V in P3 is generated from CN2. If you have only one power source, the CN1 and CN2 can be connected together with read to read, black to black.

Electrical Characteristics

Input Voltage 16~28V
Input Over-Voltage Protection 28~28.2V

Mechanical Characteristics

Dimension 150mm (L) x 85mm (W) x 25mm (H)


Operation Temperature 0~40℃
Operation Relative Humidity to 85%, on-condensing
Data Sheet for X7-ATX-500
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3D drawings step file for X7-ATX-500
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X7-ATX-500 DC-DC ATX Power Supply

Input Cable (from 7.4x5.0mm DC jack to 4 pin connector on board)

Output Cable Harness Set

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